Is now your time ?

If you are a woman who...

knows deep in your heart you are destined for an exceptional life

knows you’re an Esther – born, “for such a time as this”

knows you’re a Deborah – a leader and warrior who is called to bring change and transformation to all those within your sphere of influence

Then it’s time to say yes to the life that is calling you!

Do you desire to explore the idea of a divine romance?

Would you like to identify the self-defeating beliefs that keep you from living the life you truly desire to live?

Have you tried everything you know to create radiant health, including a body you’re comfortable living in?

Do you long for healthy relationships that are fulfilling and give you joy?

Would you like to find out if you’re blocking Biblical prosperity because of mindsets and beliefs that may not be true?

Are you ready to join a strong, growing community of women who are passionately pursuing everything God has for them?