"What would you say to her?" He whispered.
I would say,

"Have hope, and discover
who you really are!"


What would you think if I told you that how you see yourself affects every key area of your life;
from your relationships, your money, how you manage your time, how you take care of yourself, and even how and where you live? And what would you think if I also told you that attempting to change your behavior in any of these areas is not the answer to creating a life that you love and enjoy?

Understanding the truth behind these questions is the key that will unlock a life you love, a life that's filled with joy, peace, and rest, and one that truly honers God.

The shift is already happening!

Women are being called to upgrade their lives and step into their destinies in unprecedented numbers.

If you are a woman who...

...has a yearning in your heart for excellence

...knows deep in your heart you are destined for an exceptional life

...knows you’re an Esther - born, “for such a time as this”

...knows you’re a Deborah – a leader and warrior who is called to bring change and transformation to all those within your sphere of influence...

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It's time to say yes to the life that's calling

you and to the whispers of your heart!

Yes to your dreams, but more importantly yes to the process that will prepare you to realize your dreams

Yes to your desires, but more importantly yes to the refining process that will prepare you to receive your desires

Yes to partnering with God to fulfill the incredible design He has for your life

Yes to refusing to think it’s okay to sit on the sidelines and simply let life “happen” to you

God has an “identity imprint” He’s created that is uniquely yours, and He wants to show you what that identity is so you can let go of all the things holding you back and receive the new life He has for you!

Your desires and dreams don’t just happen; rather, you’ve been given the incredible privilege of being a partner with God in creating the life you’re called to live, and that life begins with you understanding your true identity!

It’ s because you’re called to partner with God that I created this special playbook that will take you through a process of discovering who you belief yourself to be, and then discovering if those same beliefs align with your true God-given identity. Understanding these truths is a powerful force in helping you live the life you are
called to live!

There’s a reason you have that longing in your heart for something different, something extraordinary, something new.

And YOU have a part to play in creating this life!

A life that inspires others to go after their hopes and dreams, and a life that causes others to
hunger for the same beauty and joy they see you receiving as you walk in God’s destiny for your life.

To be honest, I didn’t know what I was saying yes to when I decided I could no longer live what I considered to be an ordinary life. I had no way of knowing what it would mean for me to say yes to that longing in my heart to live a life filled with excellence and extraordinary encounters with God and His relentless love for me.

Now, years later, I realize there’s simply no other way to live! To know when I’m living my latter days on this earth, I will look back on my life without regret because I said YES to immersing myself in becoming the woman God was continually calling me to embrace –

His true identity for me.

I'll smile when I see a life that has been filled with upgrade after upgrade and discovery upon discovery at what is truly mine through my relationship with God through Christ.

The process outlined in this special gift, “The Heart of a Sacred Woman”, is one I’ve been
walking through for quite a few years, and I’ve been transformed in every key area of my life by
continuously saying yes to the whispers of my heart. I’ve discovered hidden treasures about God’s nature and how He sees me, and as a result I’ve received an incredible increase in joy, peace, and rest. It’ s nothing short of transformational!

Receiving this gift can be your first YES of many! This is a pivotal moment, a sacred moment. Can you feel it? The Heart of a Sacred Woman Playbook reveals the seven key areas of your life that create your current way of “being” in this world. Those seven areas flow from your heart and what you believe about who you are deep down in your soul.
It's all about identity

Your self-worth is birthed from this place

The stories you tell yourself about what you can and can’t do are birthed from this place

The way you take care of yourself is birthed from this place

The battles you win and lose are birthed from this place

The kind of relationships you currently have in your life are birthed from this place

The level of prosperity you’re currently experiencing is birthed from this place
Your core values are birthed from this place

Everything you want to do in your life begins here. Your identity is the "garden" from which all the other key areas in your life flourish

What if I were to tell you that once you have a true understanding of your identity, the rest of your life will begin to take flight in ways you never thought possible?

And what if I told you that saying yes to exploring your true identity can be a process that is filled with surprises, magic, and delight, and yes, sometimes very big challenges?

Would you be interested in experiencing that process?

And what if I told you that you don’t even have to know exactly what you believe about God or Jesus to begin exploring your true identity?

Will you say yes to discovering your true identity?

I’ve been saying yes to this process for years now, and have enjoyed many upgrades, discovered many hidden treasures about God’s nature and how He sees me, and as a result of these things I’ve “slain many giants ” in my promised land.

The Heart of a Sacred Woman Pla ybook will help you begin your own process of discovering your true identity. I’ve created this gift from a deep place of transformation as I’ve immersed myself in exploring God’s true identity for me. This shift has allowed me to “come up higher” to God and His incredible ways, whi ch in turn has allowed me to create new behaviors resulting in a life I’ve only ever imagined being able to live.

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