If you have a strong desire to align yourself with your true identity – the identity you were made to step into fully so you can fulfill all you’re meant to while on this earth, then these programs will support that desire in a powerful way.    They’re all coming soon so to help you prepare, make sure you get my free gift, “The Heart of a Sacred Woman”.   This resource will help you begin shifting your mindset into one that aligns with your true identity.  Simply fill in your details below and you’ll receive a link to download your playbook. You have my word that I’ll never share your email with anyone.


The Delightfully Slim Home Study Program

Getting Healthy Never Felt So Good!

Losing weight and creating a healthy body is so much more than just gritting your teeth and eating bland, boring food.  You were designed to take pleasure in God’s bounty, and enjoy tastes and textures that your taste buds love.  The Delightfully Slim Program will take you on a journey of discovering who you were created to be in your physical health, and you’ll learn how to create that health from a place of joy and delight.  It may sound too good to be true, but discipline can be filled with pleasure!  It begins with understanding who you really are!  DETAILS COMING SOON

The Identity Immersion Experience

A program designed to enrapture you with the possibilities of what a divine romance with the Lover of your soul really looks like.  This program takes you deep into the heart of the matter – your heart.   You’ll come away from this immersion with a new understanding of the stories you tell yourself about who you are and a new identity statement that you can align yourself with to become the woman you always knew you were called to be.  DETAILS COMING SOON

Radiant-Restored-and Ready to Dream Again

This program is the full immersion of the sacred woman experience and is actually more about a way of  “being” with God, and with yourself, that reveals your true identity in the seven key areas of your life.  You’ll be revived and filled with hope at the possibilities of seeing the dreams God has placed in your heart come true.  DETAILS COMING SOON